Protection for a truly exceptional landscape

With fine sandy beaches to the west, and the tidal flats of the Wadden Sea to the east, in its picturesque setting between the sand dunes and the Odde, Hörnum beguiles visitors with the extraordinary appeal of its scenery. Nature here needs special protection, as the demand for property and building plots on Sylt is high

Strandnelke - Sie ist ein typisches Florenelement der Salzwiesen an der Meeresküste
Sylt ist eine artenreiche Insel
Der Blanke Hans nagt an der Hörnumer Küste

From as early as 1923, areas of the island were placed under conservation orders. Today on Sylt every seventh square metre of land is protected landscape, and every fourth square metre is nature reserve. The sum of these protected areas makes up around 40 percent of the whole island – an exceptionally high percentage compared with the rest of the country.

Helfen Sie beim Naturschutz

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