The Hallig islands Hooge, Gröde, Langeneß and Oland

These are the pearls of the North Sea – the tiny flecks of land known as the Hallig Islands. There are ten of them dotted close to each other along the coastline

Ausflugsziel Halligen Hooge, Gröde, Langeneß und Oland

The best known Hallig island is Hooge. It is worth taking a look at the "Königspesel", with furnishings that bear witness to centuries of seafaring history. Also worth a visit are the “Heimatmuseum” (local history museum), the old church and the "Sturmflutkino" (storm tide cinema) where you can watch spectacular footage of the raging sea. Why not explore Hallig Hooge in the comfort of a carriage tour? Hallig Gröde, with only 16 inhabitants occupying 2.8 kilometres, is the smallest political municipality in all Germany. The 18th century church is well worth a visit. Gröde is at its prettiest when the lilacs blossom in early summer. A tour of the Hallig islands is very rewarding.

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Info und Kontakt
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