Midsummer, 20th June 2015

Every year on 20th June the sun strikes the Tropic of Cancer and stands at its most northern angle to the earth, giving the northern hemisphere the longest day and shortest night of the year. In Schleswig-Holstein the sun stays above the horizon for a magnificent 17 hours - longer than anywhere else in Germany.

Mittsommer in Hörnum auf der Nordseeinsel Sylt in Nordfriesland / Schleswig-Holstein

To mark the summer solstice, Hörnum Tourism Service invites locals and visitors to an atmospheric nocturnal excursion by torchlight.

Torches are distributed at Hörnum Tourism Service at 10.30 pm and lit next to the Kap Horn beach restaurant off Süderende. The torch-lit procession then makes its way along the beach towards the southern tip of Sylt.

Midsummer Night Party at the "Südkap" restaurant (from 8 pm)

The procession round the southern spit to its final destination, Hörnum harbour, takes about one and a half hours. That still leaves plenty of time to extend the solstice revels with drinks and snacks at the Südkap restaurant and music by the campfire.

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